Annabelle's Portfolio


I'm an aspiring dental student who loves science and writing, but most of all, trying something new. My extensive list of hobbies has left me with an abundance of transferrable skills which I have narrowed down to three.

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you will find an insight into my hobbies and interests through my trendy website designs. I aim to capture the essence of each my projects and experiences in my growing photography and writing skillset. I love to create visually engaging pages to help organise my ideas and interests. Whether its about my school projects or something I saw on a walk, I strive to provide a place where all my important works can be showcased. In addition to my love for academic learning, I am passionate about various hobbies. From singing and dancing to drawing and reading, these activities bring joy and inspiration to my life and I want to spread that joy. Exploring different ideas, capturing others opinions, and diving into captivating novels are just a few things that fuel my never ending curiosity. Join me on this journey as I share my work and passions with you!


I hold firm to the belief that possessing a strong moral compass is essential, not only for the well-being of society, but also for my own personal development. The sense of making a positive impact drives me forever onward, and I will always uphold my moral principles.

My Attributes...


I take joy in believing that each time I share a smile, it leaves others a little happier than before. I hope this happiness spreads like a contagious warmth. To me, kindness is a powerful force—one we can always choose to wield, and that choice matters most.


I am meticulously organized and have frequently been praised as an industrious worker. In addition to my perfectionist tendencies, I consistently invest myself in all available projects and remain highly motivated to achieve the goals I set for myself.