Fun Fair

Horror or Happiness?

By Annabelle

11/11/20231 min read

Ropes of glittering stars spun in hypnotic swirls. Like a vivid dream, blurs of flashing colour explode and leave a dazzling reflection in the curious eyes that are drawn into the bright world. A trembling shock buzzed through the ground. Nauseating bursts of body breaking vibrations oscillated from the whirling rides- as if by magic you found yourself walking into the mouth of this booming beast.

Heavily, the lights beamed down like an erratic siren. Dizzy. Waving symphonies of golden laced ribbons lure you in further until…

Growling, grinning, grinding smiles glowed ominously, swaying and looming with the enchanting amusements awaiting its next victim. Silence. Through the galloping horses spinning round the carousel, a miniature silhouette gazes up at you; wide, hazel, deep set eyes, with low contorted eyebrows and muddy brown hair that flopped over like an overgrown plant. As the hazy light caressed across its face, a boy of a pale sunken visage discerned, his shoulders wilted, like a tired willow tree. Grey lips slightly parted. Plum cheeks slightly flushed. Whites of the eyes slightly grown with red threads like poison ivy.

Suddenly, the lights die down. The world stops spinning. Still. Silence. Shock. Shock overcomes your whole body, your whole being, your whole spirit. Tingles crawl through your body, itching your lungs, scraping your brain, scratching your stomach, squeezing your heart; life seemed to have been drunken out of you, like a vampires feast. His eyes meet yours as the rides resume their vibrant glow, and your breath flattens and your eyes. Shut.